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Homeobotanical essences are a unique form of 'herbal energy' having aspects of both homeopathic preparation and nutrition from herbal extracts. They were developed by Dr. Brian Murray and associates in New Zealand as a safe, gentle and cost effective energy alternative to herbal medicine.

HomeoBotanicals are formulated using blended herbal extracts that have been shown to support either proper function in the various organs and body systems or to help build immunity against common conditions such as cold or flu. Each blend is identified with a letter that correlates to it's function such as Hb B for Blood, Hb C for Colds and so on. Blends can be mixed and matched to create unique formulas for wellness support.

Thirty original blends were developed each with 8-10 different herbs acting synergistically, meaning they are blends that function more effectively as a blend than as individual extracts. Once mixed, each blend is diluted and then homeopathically potentized once to increase their effectiveness. This potentization is thought to alter the hydrogen bonding within the molecules and creates a new herbal pattern from all the herbs combined.

Each blend, due to it's energy component, stimulates drainage within the system it addresses as well as provides nutrition at a cellular level through the very diluted herbal extracts present. These blends have been determined to be safe for all ages and contain a very small amount of herbal material, much less than a single herbal extract.

Flower Essences

Flower Essences were first discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in Wales in the 1930's after a long career in London as a bacteriologist and homeopathic physician. Dr. Bach was well aware of the spiritual and holistic aspects of the human experience and wanted to find natural remedies that would be safe and without side effects.

It was Dr. Bach's theory that any disease in the body was first demonstrated as a disharmony in the mind and expressed through the emotions of the personality. He saw the mind as exquisitely sensitive and able to reveal imbalance long before any disease might be present. Following higher guidance and the belief that nature, specifically herbs and flowers, are infused with Divine provision for our balanced health and well-being, Dr Bach researched the effects of 12 specific flower essences on his own mind and emotions. He initially identified 7 states of imbalance which were: fear, uncertainty, insufficient or inappropriate interest in present circumstances, loneliness, over-sensitivity, despair and over-care of others.

Conflicts that arose due to these mental imbalances and acts 'against unity' that resulted from them were a result, he felt, of some internal conflict trying to expose itself. Over time, 38 essences were developed. Dr. Bach didn't address disease but merely applied herbal essences to mental or emotional mood patterns with the result being the ability to deal with current difficulties followed by a sense of peaceful balance. Some essences address more superficial conditions while some are for deeper states of imbalance. Documented cases show the effectiveness of this approach to wellness. The requirements to make essences are sunlight, fresh flower blossoms, a clean glass bowl and pure water followed by a protocol for diluting and safely storing each essence for later use.

Dr. Bach did not explain how he saw the essences working scientifically and expressed a desire that one refrains from trying to analyze something that simply works. All these years later, though, we read about Dr. Masaru Emoto's fascinating study in 'The Hidden Messages in Water' of the effects of thoughts, words and feelings on molecules of water and wonder at Dr. Bach's simple yet profound insight. The body is composed largely of water and new research is investigating how our cells respond at an energetic level to the subtle application of natural or energetic patterns that stimulate a healing, balancing response. And then quite possibly we also touch the mysterious and unexplained realm of Divine Spirit working through our minds and subconscious.

Flower Essences can be useful in energy shifting while using other energy methods and serve as supportive patterning for people making change.

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