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Energy Kinesiology ... How Energy Moves in the Body

Energy Kinesiology is the term used to identify the flow of vital and subtle energy throughout the body. This energy force has been called ch'i, prana, ki, mana and orgone among others, and relates to the innate intelligence of the body to 'live, move and have it's being'. It's thought that each individual contains an energy blueprint or bio-field that distinguishes us from each other. This field is the framework for consciousness, body intelligence and memory to express itself through life force, and imbalance in this energetic flow can disrupt natural harmony on mental, emotional and physical levels. If left in a state of imbalance and disharmony, illness may eventually occur.

The human energy system has several facets of expression with some considered more important than others depending upon the facilitators experience or preference. One more commonly known facet of energy anatomy is the meridian system which flows throughout the body providing vitality to every organ and body system. Although not validated by current western medical traditions, the meridians have been mapped radioactively and electrographically showing microscopic openings on the skin of an electric and magnetic nature. These meridians, 14 sections in all, can be affected in a variety of ways both positively and negatively.

Energy Flow...Restoring Proper Balance

Using the technique of muscle strength testing from Applied Kinesiology in the 1960's, a gentle model for muscle energy evaluation and natural health enhancement was developed to test muscle energy. This model is called Touch For Health and is one of the balancing models I've used. This involves a simple and measurable method of muscle energy evaluation using the arms and legs to detect not the strength of the muscles themselves but the energy flow to those muscles and around the body in the meridians. This gives a snapshot of general energy as well as a view to how mental and emotional issues may affect us energetically when brought to mind.

Once evaluated and individual goals for change decided, balancing techniques such as simple touch on accupoints, imagery and metaphor work addressing mental and emotional touch points, and certain foods and herbs help to restore and maintain a healthy energy flow in those meridians. Muscles are re-checked for change which can be described as an energy shift. Clients attest to its effectiveness by a sense of 'feeling better' and refreshed. They feel more confident to reach their defined goals and are instructed and encouraged on how to continue 'in balance' on their own.

Another energy protocol system is the Eden Method from Innersource that involves work in the subtle energy field of not only the Meridians, but Chakras, the Aura, the Five Elements and what is known in the East as 'the Strange Flows' or energy of joy and connection. These flows have more to do with external energy forces of our environment and how they affect each individual. Using the similar muscle testing protocol for evaluating imbalance, simple adjustments can be made in the body's subtle energy field using accupoints, mental imagery and metaphors to achieve balance.

Flower essences, herbs, and food may also be used to stimulate energy balancing during a session.

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