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It has been said that a healthy person rarely gets ill. This is due to the body's innate intelligence which orders it's many functions and builds natural immunity to maintain what is known as homeostasis or balance. Good health is maintained with good nutrition, healthy habits and preventative strategies and methods to keep the body functioning in the best way possible. The best methods are holistic, supporting mental, emotional and physical well being. Healthy balance can be affected by many things such as an injury, muscle strain, illness, lack of proper nutrition or exercise, lack of hydration, stress or trauma. This can result in an energy disharmony which may eventually lead to physical illness or chronic dysfunction.

Imbalance, showing up as measurable muscle energy weakness, can also be a result of certain emotional and mental outlooks. Sometimes for no apparent reason we feel lethargic, bent out of shape or lack a sense of wellness, contentment or joy for living. We may describe this as a feeling of 'low energy' or as a general negativity or boredom with life. And while this seems manageable, we know we are not feeling our best.

One natural way to promote balance is the wise, gentle and safe use of energy shifting methods. These may involve the use of herbs, homeobotanicals, flower essences or focused awareness on the subtle energy body which envelopes and interconnects within the physical body. Working with this subtle energy flow and partnering with the individuals desire for wellness, clients are able to achieve energetic balance & feel better!

If you are a frequent consumer of health news, belong to a health oriented book club or newsletter, or search the internet for alternative health products and methods, you've probably come across the phrase "the human body is self-healing" more than once. And it's true, the body does naturally heal. When common sense and wise support are added, be it through allopathic or alternative interventions, the body can recovery health easily. The question is: how much intervention is needed?

The next question is: what kind of intervention do you want to pursue? Western medicine? Natural alternatives? Complementary care? It is up to you to chart your own healthcare choices.

This is an informational site with an eye toward "what works" from my own experience. What has worked for me might not work for you. We must not be afraid to search out information and check alternatives even if it means offending others who find themselves uncomfortable with our choices. We have so much knowledge available, literally at our fingertips, that it's only fear or lack of self care that keeps us in the dark as we make choices. Or as we let others make choices for us.

I've touched only lightly on each subject on these pages because there is so much information already available online. Part of actuating our own health or fulfillment is the actual searching itself. If you find yourself looking to mend or heal on some level or you are curious to learn more, opening and engaging your mind into "search mode" is the first step. Perspective, or your point of view, will help determine if your searching or learning is effective.

There is a saying that I've found to be very true: "Change your mind, change your life.

Do you have questions or health related topics you'd like to discuss? A new blog will be coming soon!

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*As an informational and opinion site, Works LLC is designed to discuss natural health approaches and provide information for the client's consideration and review. This site is not intended to diagnose or treat illness or disease, or replace a timely visit to your health care provider.

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